Segovia, the city of the ages

Segovia is one of the cities which longer history in Spain, the main reason of that is its long existance as a city that has been secenery of different important historical events. Some civilizations as the celtics, the romans, the muslims, the jewish have inhabitated Segovia during its broad history. As result of that we can find there some well-known cultural treasures. Some of these architectonical treasures are its roman aqueduct (which has almost 2000 years of existance), its impressive Gothic Cathedral, or its fortress known as Alcazar. It´s difficult to walk Segovia without finding any of its multiple romanic churches, or its pintoresque houses. Segovia was named by UNESCO World Heritage place in 1985. It is also really famous beacuse of its wonderful gastronomy, mainly represented by the “cochinillo asado”. The city of Segovia is ubicated in the southern area of the region of Castilla y León (quite central part of Spain). Due to its closeness to Madrid, the capital of Spain (half an hour by high speed train) is a not to be missed place to discover the most traditional and historical face of Spain.

Segovia es una de las ciudades con más historia de España, siendo desde siempre una ciudad escenario de distintos acontecimientos históricos importantes. Algunas civilizaciones como los celtas, romanos, musulmanes o judíos han habitado Segovia durante su amplia historia. Como resultado de esto, allí podemos encontrar algunos tesoros culturales de renombre.


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